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Mike Viola - Godmuffin [Sweatshirt]

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Mike Viola Godmuffin sweatshirt.  Sweatshirt is an old-school, comfy, fleece crew sweatshirt with a red screen print.  


Godmuffin was written and recorded alone in my home studio in Feb/March 2020. 11 songs about transformation. POV from the older me who’s spent a lifetime (40 years) doing windmills on Big Star guitars, slick with Todd Rundgren syrup hand drawn from the tree. Lots of my beloved classic rock colors.

Godmuffin was recorded on ½” tape and mixed on a vintage Auditronics console.  none of it was in the box. which means the recording is linear cause I can’t punch and fix things very easily like you can do with digital computer recordings. therefore it’s beautifully flawed.  human.  Me alone with my 8 track, like it’s always been. Back to the basement process that spawned me that started my whole career unwittingly. (I mean... who decides to do this stuff for a living??)  So in that sense it’s youthful. Youthful in the chances it takes.  It doesn’t give a fuck, it’s too late to turn back so its barreling forward asking the deeper questions looking for answers saturated in tape and spring reverb. It’s a new self, a third lifetime in a series of lifetimes. this record picks up where The American Egypt left off.



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